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Our dedicated team of Certified Master Craftsmen have honed and perfected their craft over time.

You can rest assured knowing that every Stearns & Foster® mattress is exceptionally crafted to help you curate the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Their mattresses are designed with care and attention to detail—the perfect complement to your décor and style.

Sumptuous upholstery-grade fabrics and premium details. A unique Stearns & Foster design approach that sets their mattresses apart.

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Their mattresses are made from premium fabrics, finest materials and time-honored craftsmanship—for exceptional quality that endures.

  • Crafting beds since 1846

  • Premium gel Indulge Memory Foam for a sumptuous feel that adapts to your body and relieves pressure points all night long

  • AirVent Technology to help you stay cool and comfortable

  • Top layer made of highest grades of Tencel and other premium materials similar to those in athletic wear provide moisture wicking to keep you comfortable

  • Precision Edge support for clean sharp lines that look good and sleep great so you won’t feel like you’re about to roll off the edge

A suite of ingenious features and technologies, designed for indulgent comfort.

  • Naturally Breathable, AirVent Technology so you won’t sleep hot.

  • IntelliCoil / IntelliCoil HD feature a patented coil-within-a-coil to conform to YOUR body type for maximum support.

  • Advanced foams including their Indulge Foam, developed by Tempur-Pedic for unrivaled softness and support so you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer, helping you wake up from sleep so good you’ll be telling your friends about it*

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Comfort by Design: Care & Craftsmanship

At Stearns & Foster, they live by a higher standard of excellence—with a team of Certified Master Craftsmen who’ve honed and perfected their craft over time.

So when they say you’re getting something exceptional, they mean it.

The Perfectly Made Bed

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Every Stearns & Foster mattress is hand-signed by the person who made it—so you know exactly who’s helping you create the bed you’ve always wanted.

Every stitch. Every snip. Every detail. There’s nothing like a Stearns & Foster.

They know how much care you put into designing your bedroom—so they put the same care into designing your mattress. Every layer. Every stitch. Every detail.

Crafted to complement your style.

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Finessed to Impress

Their mattress makers take extra care during every step of the process to ensure your sleep experience is perfectly indulgent, night after night. That’s why their beds take twice as long to manufacture.

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Up Close & Personal

Hand tufted. Hand quilted. Hand signed. That’s what craftsmanship means to them. What does it mean to you? Come find out. Visit McCreery’s Home Furnishings to experience the Stearns & Foster touch. 

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The Lux Estate is available in three degrees of delectable firmness: Firm, Plush, and Ultra-firm.

Seven sizes are available, so it can fit into any room and is perfect for anyone: Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, Split King, CA King, and Split CA King.

The luxury pillow top is also available in your choice of Firm, Plush, or Ultra-Plush.

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Indulge HD Memory Foam creates a responsive feel that's easy to melt into. IntelliCoil® HD provides perfect support for your body. All to deliver next-level comfort.

The Lux Estate features high-style design that perfectly complements your dećor. Its unrivaled craftsmanship means that it will serve you faithfully for many years of amazing slumber. And most of all, the cutting-edge Indulge HD Memory Foam and ventilated AirVent system provide supreme, indulging comfort so good that you’ll fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, sleep more deeply, and perhaps even wake up in the same position without realizing you ever fell asleep.